In compliance with UC policy and applicable local, State and Federal laws and regulations, SCM executes and manages UC Systemwide and Campus agreements to serve and protect the University in the procurement of goods & services.  The benefits of these agreements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost savings
  • Negotiated terms and conditions
  • Reduced risk to the University
  • Streamlined ordering process

Purchases of non-equipment items against existing UC agreements may be made by departments without a Buyer at a total purchase value up to $100,000.

Competitively bid agreement: An agreement that was awarded as a result of competition establishes price reasonableness. Soliciting competitive bids or quotes from qualified suppliers is the preferred method to establish a Reasonable Price. A competitively bid agreement is valid up to the amount, and/or for the commodity, that the competition covered and the terms of the agreement. Purchases of non-equipment items against a competitively bid agreement may also be placed for amounts greater than $100,000.  For example, end users may create a single PO that is greater than $100K for Dell computers or Steelcase furniture (both of which are covered under an UC agreement).

Price Schedules: Do NOT establish price reasonableness and will need to have an RFx to demonstrate competition if the request is greater than $100K. These agreements are usually created to negotiate terms and conditions for goods and services.

UC Berkeley Strategic Sourcing: Active agreements can be found in BearBuy.  Search Contracts in BearBuy to learn more about UC Systemwide and Campus agreements.

How to order from existing Agreements

If what you need to buy is already covered by an agreement, you may create a requisition in Bear Buy and the training documents can be found on the Supply Chain Management Bear Buy training page.

Associating the contract to your order:

1. If the contract number is populated on the requisition, no further action is needed, then skip to step 2.

  • If not, associate the agreement in the Bear Buy Form by selecting the contract hyperlink, then skip to step 2.
  • If the contract isn’t visible, list the agreement details in line item description and attach an electronic copy if it’s available.  This is a manual association and will route to a Buyer for review if it is $5000 or greater.

2. Estimate the spend for the first year or “not to exceed amount” for the engagement

3. Blanket PO’s should be for one fiscal year