University of California, Office of the President - Business and Financial Bulletins Series

A complete listing is located on the UCOP Presidential Policies website

  • Materiel Management - Goods and Services: BFB-BUS 43
  • Independent Consultants: BFB-BUS 34
  • Independent Contractors: BFB-BUS 77
  • Insurance Requirements: BFB-BUS  63
  • Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents - Data Security PCI Contract Requirements: BFB-BUS 49
  • Expenditures for Entertainment, Business Meetings and Other Occasions: BFB-BUS 79
  • Controlled Substances: BFB-BUS 50
  • Tax-free Alcohol: BFB-BUS 2
  • Management and Control of University Equipment:  BFB-BUS 29
  • Vehicles - Acquistion and Disposition: BFB-BUS 8
  • Vehicles - Registration and Licensing of University-Owned Vehicles: BFB-BUS 19
  • Vehicles - Use of University Vehicles: BFB-BUS 46
  • Travel Regulations: BFB-G 28
  • Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts: BFB-G 41
  • Moving and Relocation: BFB-G 13

Federal Aquisition Regulations (FAR)

OMB 81 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards commonly known as "Uniform Guidance" 2 CFR Part 200

The University of California Berkeley Supply Chain Management office in consultation with other campus departments has elected to postpone the implementation of the procurement requirements, as allowed, until July 1, 2018 which is the beginning of the next full fiscal year. Until the implementation of the procurement requirements as specified in "Uniform Guidance" 2 CFR Part 200 procurement activities will be subject to the existing requirements in effect prior to the implementation on December 26, 2014.