Procurement Services Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

December 3, 2013

Earlier this fall Procurement Services asked UC Berkeley staff and faculty who purchase goods and services to participate in a survey to share their experiences with Procurement services and tools. Since the last Procurement survey conducted in 2011, BearBuy was implemented as the campus’ online purchasing system, offering a single point of entry for shopping and managing payment for campus-related purchases. Procurement Services saw an upswing for overall satisfaction in 2013 for all categories in the survey.  73% of survey respondents were satisfied with Procurement Services; a 22% increase from 2011 (51%) and there was a 32% increase in satisfaction based upon four target areas: Ease of Purchasing, Disbursements, On Line Resources and Support Responsiveness. 

A total of 586 respondents completed the survey (22% were academic employees, while 77% were staff), with a response rate of 48%.

In consideration of the feedback received, Procurement Services identified four areas of improvement for 2014:

  • Improve BearBuy content, descriptions and photos, enhance search functions, and increase supplier selection
  • Offer focused end user trainings and online resources for BearBuy shopping basics, and requisition creation and approvals
  • Increase campusawareness and training of Cal Answers Procure to Pay reporting
  • Improve the Procurement Services website with new content and navigation to better meet the needs of the campus

Thank you to the Cal campus for providing feedback in 2013.   Procurement Services looks forward to working with the campus community to increase satisfaction and awareness of all programs and services in the coming year.   

BearBuy Experience - 62% of respondents were satisfied with the overall shopper experience.

BearBuy Help Desk Experience - 80% of respondents were satisfied with the BearBuy support. 

Procurement Services Department - Overall 75% of the respondents were satisfied with Procurement Services staff. 

CalAnwers Procure to Pay Reporting - 30% of the respondents are aware of and familiar with Procure to Pay reports within CalAnswers.  Procure to Pay reports are a great resource to help campus departments review and analyze their department spend.  In 2014, Procurement Services will be focused on increasing campus awareness and usage of the Procure to Pay tool.