To Suppliers

Supply Chain Management is responsible for the acquisition of campus goods and services.  We strive for continuous improvement in our process and practices to maximize value, minimize university risk and promote environmental stewardship in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research and public service.

I. Doing Business with UC Berkeley

The following links provide information to assist our current and potential suppliers in working with our campus.

  1. Working with UC Berkeley Departments – UC Berkeley is a decentralized campus.  Suppliers interested in conducting business should engage individual departments with which they are interested in doing business.  The University of California does not guarantee business or connect suppliers with individuals.

    Create a new supplier account or update existing record in the UC Berkeley eProcurement financial system.

  2. Bid Opportunities – UC Berkeley strives to provide fair, open and efficient opportunities for all suppliers interested in doing business with the campus. 

    The UC Public Bid site - uBuy is a self-service portal to register, update supplier information and participate in all UC campus bid opportunities.  

    For additional details on how to navigate the uBuy site and manage your events in Sourcing Director, please review the Supplier Quick Reference Guide.

    If you have questions about how to use the site and manage your events, please contact UC Procurement Services Support at

  3. Proposal and Quotes – To assist the University in preparing agreements for goods and/or services, suppliers must provide a proposal/quote that thoroughly sets forth the scope of the services to be provided, provides pricing, describes the deliverables to be presented, and provides information about the dates of completion for each service and each deliverable.

  4. UC Insurance Requirements – Prior to providing services to the University, suppliers must furnish the University with current certificates of insurance (and the relevant endorsement pages) that show the following minimum coverages and meet the following requirements as stated in the UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Article 9.

    Additional Insured naming convention:

    The Regents of the University of California
    University of California, Berkeley
    Supply Chain Management – Insurance Desk
    1608 Fourth St., Suite 217
    Berkeley, CA 94710-7600

    Increased insurance requirements may be needed based on the Statement of Work and associated risks to the University.

    Insurance Program for Suppliers who don’t already have coverage:  Insurance can be obtained through Mercer for a one-time event (music performances) or issued as a one-year blanket policy.

  5. Invoicing and Sales Tax

    Invoicing - Once an approved Purchase Order is in place, services may begin and invoiced when deliverables are complete.  The UC Berkeley Purchase Order Number must appear on the invoice.  UC standard payment terms are Net30.  Incomplete invoices result in payment delays. 

    Sales Tax - UC Berkeley is not exempt from state sales or use tax except for property purchased using federal funds where title to that property (or ultimately, the fabrication of property) vests with the Federal Government. 

    Resale - The UC holds a valid Seller’s permit issued pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law of the State of California.

    Payment and invoicing instructions are available on the Controller's Office website.

II. Conflict of Interest Declaration

It is the policy of the University to keep an employee’s private interests separate from University interests, and to safeguard the University and its employees from charges of favoritism.  An employee is prohibited from participating in a decision if there is a financial conflict of interest. 

III. Small and Diverse Business Suppliers

The University encourages its departments to engage in purchasing and contract activities which incorporate equal opportunities for small  and diverse businesses. The Supplier Diversity Program Manager’s role is to advocate on behalf of small and diverse businesses wishing to develop relationships and contract opportunities with the UC Berkeley campus. For more information on the Supplier Diversity Manager’s role, refer to the Supplier Diversity Program homepage at .


Project teams with federal contracts exceeding $700,000 effective 10/1/10 must work with the Supplier Diversity Program Manager to create a Small Business Subcontracting Plan which, once approved by the awarding federal agency, becomes part of the contractual obligations of the team.  Whenever the project team wishes to purchase materials and supplies, inventorial equipment or travel services from a small business that business must be certified or registered on the System for Award Management (SAM).

The types of small businesses that can be used for such purchases include woman-owned small businesses (WOSB), small disadvantaged (SDB), emerging small businesses 8(a), small disadvantaged businesses, historically undeutilized small businesses (HUB Zone), veteran-owned (VOSB), service disabled veteran-owned (SDVOSB), 


IV. Procurement Sustainability

Supply Chain Managements goal is to drive best practices in sustainable procurement while delivering the best values in goods and services to the university.  For more informaiton, visit the Sustainability & Energy website.

V. Unauthorized Purchases

All university purchases must be authorized in advance with a UC Purchase Order or Credit Card.

Unauthorized purchases (also known as "after-the-fact" orders), are purchase transactions that are either entered into by an individual who is not authorized to execute agreements on behalf of the UC, or entered into by an individual who has authorization, but who uses an unauthorized procurement method or exceeds their delegated authority.

That authority is limited to Procurement organization Buyers and contract administrators to assure compliance with federal and state law, university policy, and prudent business and financial practices.

VI. UCOP Terms and Policies

The following UCOP forms can be located at UC Procurement Services website.

UC Presidential Policies are located on the Office of the President website.

VII. Visiting and Parking on Campus

Campus department locations  

A permit may be issued to a supplier who parks on campus to provide repair or maintenance service to UC Berkeley departments on a regular basis. Please visit UC Berkeley parking for additional parking information.