Service Levels

Service Level Agreements for good and services orders:

Service level days are defined as the approximate number of business days from Org Node approval of the requisition to the point when the Buyer finalized the Purchase Order if the required documentation is attached and orders are subject to UC standard terms and conditions.

  • Non-Catalog – 5 days
  • DEA Controlled Substances – 7 days
  • Capital Equipment – 10 days
  • Service Order Request – 10 Days
  • After-the-Fact – 10 days
  • Amount Only/Amount Based PO – 10 days
  • Off-Campus Events/Facility Rental – 10 days
  • Independent Contractor/Consultant/Professional Services – 20 days
  • Sole Source – 20 days

Exceptions that might take longer to process can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • HIPAA / Data Security / PCI related orders (SaaS, Cloud Services)
  • Prevailing Wage related orders
  • Orders that are being bid via an RFx
  • DEA scheduled drugs requiring the Form 222
  • Declared Conflict of Interest
  • Exceptional Contract Terms

Conflict of Interest:

Declared conflicts can take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to review.

Contact your Buyer for assistance.