Non-Catalog Form Directions

  1. Log into BearBuy
  2. From the Homepage, navigate to the Non-Catalog Form Tile (located in the Frequently Used Forms section)
  3. Once you click on the Non-Catalog Form Tile, it will open a new free form window
  4. In the new form window, fill out the necessary information (see form pictures below)
    1. Supplier Name
    2. Supplier Contact Information
    3. Campus Department Contact Information
    4. Item Information
    5. Quantity and Price
    6. Manufacturer Name/Manufacturer Model Number/Fabrication Number
    7. Install Date
    8. Where will the equipment be installed
    9. Add Internal Attachments
    10. Supplier Required Documents
  5. If you choose a supplier that has a contract with the UC, please click on the contract button and select the appropriate contract
  6. For Attachments – The website below provides detailed instructions by categories and what internal / external attachments are needed for the BearBuy requisition.  
  7. How to order goods and services (
  8. After the form information is filled out, click on the “Add and go to Cart” and click “Go” button
  9. After adding the order to the cart, a new window will open. In this window, the user has the ability to change the Cart Name if they do not want the auto-generated name. Click on the “View Cart Details” button which will direct the shopper to the PO Overview page.   
  10. The next page will contain various tabs that outline different parts of the Cart. Click on the “Summary” tab.
    1. Each Cart is required to have the following fields filled out before it is submitted and moved to a requisition: Org Node, Accounting Codes, and Ship To address
    2. If any these fields are missing, then the cart will need to be assigned to someone who can fill out this information or if it is submitted it will automatically route to someone who will fill it out   
    3. See the following pictures below:
  11. Review all the information on the PO Summary page, if everything is correct, either submit the cart or assign it to someone who can review it
  12. Once the Cart is submitted, it will move to an Approvals workflow in which a series of approvers will approve the order. Once the order is reviewed and approved by the approvers, it will move to a PO status. If the shopper wants to see the status of their requisition, they can always click on the PR Approvals tab and see where the approval has stopped in the workflow. See Below: