Procurement responsibilities & training

UC Berkeley, Supply Chain Management, Procurement is responsible for:

  • Assisting departments with the acquisition of goods and services
  • Providing process guidance and facilitation
  • Assisting with policy interpretation and compliance
  • Collaborating with campus Risk Management and Legal Counsel
  • Leading best practices in purchasing activities

How do I start an order for goods or services?

Most Berkeley agreements are handled by one of the following four offices:

  1. Business Contracts Brand Protection (BCBP)
  2. Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)
  3. Industry Alliances Office (IAO)
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

There are 4 different teams that interact with the procurement ordering process;

  1. Solutions team (mechanics of BearBuy and the Vendoring process)
  2. Berkeley Regional Services (process orders under $10K)
  3. Supply Chain Management Procurement
  4. Controller’s office (process invoice payments, maintain Supplier payment terms, Blucard program)

Procurement training could easily take 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on what your department wants to review.  Please select the topics listed below so we can tailor the content to fit your needs.  Requests can be sent to

Procurement training:

☐ Delegation of Authority & Unauthorized purchases (After the Fact)

☐ Orders greater than $10K

☐ Order status

☐ Goods & Services with specific purchasing procedures

☐ Special Considerations

☐ Buyer Intervention: Orders that fall into any Special Considerations

☐ Required Purchase Order documents

☐ Procurement forms: How to develop a Statement of Work

☐ Orders over $100K: Formal competitive bidding - Request for Quote or Request for Proposal and Bid exempt categories

☐ Blanket Purchase Orders

☐ Amendments & Change Orders

☐ Service Levels