Buying Services

See How to Purchase for a list of services that require specific procedures.

All purchases for services are initiated by a Shopper logging in to BearBuy via the bluPortal or the BearBuy direct link All campus employees, affiliates and graduate students with a CalNet ID can initiate the purchase by using a BearBuy form. Departmental purchasing personnel are authorized to purchase services without the involvement of a Campus Buyer if they are less than $4,999.99. However, the department must provide the appropriate documentation as required on the relevant form, regardless of the dollar value of the purchase.

Critical Privacy Warning: Remove or obscure all confidential data before uploading documents to BearBuy. See Data Privacy requirement for protecting restricted information.

Comply with federal, State of California and University policies. When purchasing using federal funds refer to Federal Acquisition Regulations FAR Subpart 52.2 and FAR Subpart 3.5

For orders equal to or more than $100,000, competition is required. For orders where competition is not possible, complete a Sole Source Form which the Campus Buyer will need to review - also see the Sole Source process map

  • Attach Insurance Certification: See the Forms page for a sample insurance certificate. The Supplier must carry the appropriate insurance as per University's Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Appendix A, regardless of the dollar amount of the service.
  • Route the cart per your department’s established workflow process for requisition authorization and approval.

If purchasing from a contract supplier, check the contract to confirm that the goods being purchased are covered under the appropriate contract. On the relevant form enter that supplier name.

Use the appropriate BearBuy form, depending on the type of service and include the required documentation.  The following are service related BearBuy forms:

  • Amount Only Form
  • Independent Contractor and Consulting Services Form
  • Moving Services: Household and Personal Effects
  • Non-Catalog Form
  • Off-Campus Event Form - see the Off-Campus Event workflow  process map
  • Service Order Form
  • Sole Source Form - See the Sole Source workflow process map
  • Temporary Staffing Request Form
  • Vehicle Charter Request

For more information on when to use each form, see the Forms job aid.

Note: Goods and services related to campus facilities alterations, installations and minor construction are handled by Physical Plant Campus Services (PPCS) and major construction projects are handled by Facilities Services

Select the supplier’s name in the appropriate section of the form. If required documentation is omitted, BearBuy will not allow you to select Approve/Complete the form, so it can proceed through workflow.

Example: Documentation Required for the Independent Contractor/Consulting Form regardless of value

Internal Attachments: The Selection Justification, Pre-Hire Worksheet, Conflict of Interest Form and Insurance Certification
External Attachment: Statement of Work If not attached, BearBuy will indicate the documentation you need to include before proceeding.

If purchasing from a non-contract supplier, use the appropriate form and include a detailed description of the services to be ordered.  Enter the recommended supplier name in the appropriate field. Attach any quotation(s) your department has received from supplier(s) and written selection justification if this supplier is a preferred source. Pricing and price reasonableness must be documented.

Campus Buyer responsibilities for service orders