Find Your Buyer

If you are unsure of where to start with your purchasing transaction, contact your Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) Team Lead or your Supply Chain Management (SCM) Buyer for assistance by using your Org Node and department name to find your assigned Buyer in this "Buyer Org Node Assignment - Matrix By Department"or refer to the tables below:

Regional Purchasing

Berkeley Region 

Region Team Supervisor

Transactions ≤$9,999.99

SCM Senior Buyer

Transactions ≥ $35,000.00

SCM Buyer 

Transactions ≥$10,000 & ≤$34,999.99

ERSO - Engineering, CED, I-School, and related ORUs & field stations

Alice Wong *Multiple buyers, reference the Matrix above.
BEST - CNR, Div. of Biological Sciences, & related ORUs, museums, & field stations
Karla Rios Keith Muller
ProS - Professional Schools & University Extension
Latara Harris *Multiple buyers, reference the Matrix above.
SHARE - Div. of Social Sciences, Div. of Arts & Humanities, Undergraduate Div., & related ORUs
Kathleen Tronnes *Multiple buyers, reference the Matrix above.
BEARS - Administrative/Other Units
Azar Golpayenagi *Multiple buyers, reference the Matrix above.

For questions related to contracting and purchasing, contact your team directly. Not sure which is your region? Find your Region

Department Buyers

Intercollegiate Athletics
Jose Mendoza Buyer (510) 642-5822
Alice Wong Buyer (510) 644-4124
Larry Polito Buyer (510) 664-9548
ERSO - Nano Lab
Jennifer Duetting  Buyer (510) 809-8618
Facilities Services
Darrin  Salswedel Buyer (510) 643-8506
Natalie Marquez Buyer (510) 643-9116
Information Services and Technology (IST)
Laurina Ashby  Buyer (510) 664-5426
Lynn Tran Buyer (510) 643-1832
Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC)
Bennie Mitchell Buyer (510) 642-4613
Space Sciences Lab
Rolf Meima Procurement Officer
Student Affairs
Amy Weissenbacher Procurement Manager, Student Affairs (510) 292-8929
Chris Cicala Buyer (510) 697-0885
Amanda Salazar Buyer  (510) 388-8295
Earlene Blevins Buyer (510) 409-7299