Amazon Business in BearBUY

SCM is pleased to announce that starting June 15, 2020, users are now able to shop with Amazon using BearBUY! 

Amazon Business is now approved to purchase non-contracted items through BearBUY. This new program simplifies your purchasing process and allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s wide product selection and competitive prices.

Shopping on Amazon Business is as user friendly as  Additional benefits include: 

  • Free 2-Day shipping on Prime-eligible items

  • Access to millions of additional products, available only to Business customers

  • Business-specific pricing, including quantity discounts on eligible items

  • Access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team

Getting Started

Please be advised that you will be prompted to create an Amazon Business account before your first requisition through Amazon using BearBUY. Use the following scenarios to understand how to take appropriate action for creating an Amazon Business user account.

Scenario 1

I have never used my email address on

  • If you have not previously used your address on, account set up is simple! 
  • Your user account is established the first time you “punchout” to Amazon Business from BearBUY.

  • Just log into BearBuy, select the Amazon Business tile and start shopping. 

When accessing Amazon Business for the first time, you might see either Business or Business Primeon your account. These two are indifferent.

Please make sure that your account says Account for UNIV of CAL... to ensure it is associated with the UC Berkeley Amazon Business Prime account.


Check out the following categories to learn more:

Scenario 2

I already use my email address after accepting the invitation from the credit card program to join Amazon Business Prime in 2019

  • Please use the option to merge your account located on the left hand side.

Scenario 3

I already use my email address to make PERSONAL purchases on

  • If your email address is already associated with an account, please use the option to create a separate account for personal orders.

  • You will be prompted to select Create a separate business user account and will need to choose a new personal email address (i.e. or that is NOT an email or tied to another Amazon account.


Please do not use your email for personal purchases.