Roles & Responsibilities

BearBUY Process Flow


Roles & Responsibilities

Role Description
Shopper UC Berkeley staff, faculty, graduate students with active appointments and all other student employees are Shoppers. Must have logged into BearBUY once to obtain access. Enters requests into BearBUY via a shopping cart; can assign or submit carts. Shoppers can edit cart, create multiple carts, unassign carts and re-assign carts.
Cart Authorizer Cart Authorizers are Shoppers who have received assigned shopping carts. When a shopping cart is routed to another Shopper for authorization or review before submission, this Shopper is referred to as the Cart Authorizer. Anyone can be assigned a cart, so this is a function rather than a role and is not setup through SARA.
Additional Authorizers Requisitions can be routed to Additional Authorizers (up to 2) depending on department requirements. These are usually Principal Investigators. They cannot edit the requisition, only approve or return. You cannot be both the Shopper and Additional Authorizer for same transaction.
Chartfield 1 & 2 Authorizer These are assigned and manually added in BFS by the department and is based on CF 1 or 2 fields. If configured, the COA value will trigger routing of transactions to these authorizers. They cannot edit the requisition, only approve or return. You cannot be both the Shopper and Chartfield 1 & 2 Authorizer for same transaction.
Requisition Creator Reviews requisitions for accuracy and policy compliance. Can edit requisition fields and should know procurement processes. Cannot be the Requisition Creator and Requisition Approver for the same transaction. Role cannot be combined with Requisition Approver role.
Requisition Approver Also known as Org Node Approver. Confirms all requisition information is accurate and complies with funding requirements. Cannot edit the requisition, can only approve or return. Reviews orders over $1K
Match Exception Preparer Clears exceptions when voucher exceeds PO tolerance. Works with vendors to correct invoices, individuals to document root cause and resolution. Adds comments and documentation to confirm goods or services were received. Part of voucher approval process. Role cannot be combined with Voucher Approver role.
Voucher Match Exception Confirms all correct voucher information is accurate and complies with policy and funding requirements. Approves vouchers to release payment.
Receiver Acknowledges goods and services receipt in BearBUY, attaches packing slip or other documents. Tied to PO and voucher. Recording receipt in BearBUY is best practice and creates electronic "okay to pay."
Purchase Order Change Order Preparer Performs PO changes and revisions. Researches and resolves all PO export errors (from bfs1 report) associated with the PO revisions they performed.

Roles and SARA requests

BearBUY Role SARA Request Role Name in SARA
Shopper NO NA, assigned via CalNet through BLU portal access
Cart Authorizer NO NA, function not a role, anyone can assigned a cart
Additional Authorizers YES BearBUY Requisition Approver
Chartfield 1 & 2 Authorizer NO NA, Departments configure these in BFS
Requisition Creator YES BearBUY Requisition Creator
Requisition Approver (Org Node Approver) YES BearBUY Requisition Approver at the ORG NODE level
Match Exception Preparer YES BearBUY Match Exception Preparer
Voucher Approver / Match Exception Approver YES BearBUY Voucher Approver (Match Exception Approver built into this role)
Receiver YES BearBUY Receiver (allows view all access)
Change Order Preparer YES BearBUY PO Change Order Preparer
View All YES BearBUY Global Inquiry

Roles & Key Capabilities

This table provides a summary of the roles and corresponding capabilities of each role. This is not a comprehensive list of permissions, but suffices to explain what each role can generally accomplish.

Y = Permitted

N = Not permitted

For separation of duties, assigning a Requisition Creator Role, Requisition Approver Role and/or Voucher Approver role to one individual for the same Org Node is highly discouraged.

Please visit the System Access Request Application (SARA): to request these specific roles in BearBUY. Keep in mind that your manager will need to approve the request prior to you receiving the role.

In order to get a Change Order Preparer role, you will need to attend training before the role can be given to you.