Service Levels

Service Level Agreements for good and services purchases:

Catalog orders under $5,000 and non-catalog orders under $1,000 that are filled out correctly will be auto-approved same day.

Visit BearBuy training courses to learn how to submit orders correctly. 

For all other types of orders, service level days are the approximate number of business days from Org Node approval of the BearBUY requisition to the point when the SCM Buyer finalizes the Purchase Order when the non-catalog order is more than $10,000 (or the requisition creator selected "Buyer Intervention" for a contract review) AND the required documentation has been attached to the requisition.

  • Non-Catalog Items – 5 days
  • DEA Controlled Substances – 7 days
  • Capital Equipment – 10 days
  • Non-Tangible/Service Requests – 10 Days
  • After-the-Fact – 10 days
  • Sole Source – 10 days
  • Off-Campus Events/Facility Rental Agreements – 10 days
  • Independent Contractor/Consultant/Professional Services Agreements – 20 days

Exceptions that might take longer to process can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Orders equal to or more than $100,000  
  • Orders where the "Sole Source" justification is not satisfactory. 
  • Supplier delays in responsiveness to contract negotiations/exceptional contract terms 
  • Agreements with Federal agencies, Universities outside of UC,  state agencies, and foreign or municipal government agencies
  • Agreements involving patents, copyright, trademarks, IP ownership
  • Data Security, SaaS, and Cloud Computing Services agreements that may require a Vendor Security Assessment from the Information Security Office.
  • Services that require a Web Accessibility Review by Berkeley IT
  • On-campus labor services - Fair Wage/Prevailing Wage/Covered Services related services
  • Services or activities that involve third-party supervision of youths/minors 
  • DEA scheduled drugs requiring the Form 222
  • Declared Conflicts of Interest

Expediting an order

Only label urgent orders as "urgent"  if failure to act immediately might result in significant bodily harm, significant property loss or damage, violations of law or of University policies or cause significant liability to the University or to members of the University community. If an order warrants expedited handling, please change the priority on the BearBuy requisition to "urgent".  If you have already submitted the requisition, please provide the requisition number in your email and contact your assigned Buyer.  

Conflict of Interest:

Declared conflicts can take approximately 2 weeks to review.

Contact your Buyer for assistance.