Instructional Resources


Self-explanatory/Self-instructional documents that list out step-by-step directions used as a reference tool as you work in BearBUY. All job aids are printable and more will be posted going forward. Please check back regularly.

UPDATED! Amazon Business Hub Locker
Enabling Pop-Up Windows in Web Browsers to User Punch-Outs and View Vouchers
America To Go Punch Out Catalog Forms Matrix
Accessing Apple Punch-Out UPDATED! Generic Ship-to Address (WFHGENERIC)
BearBUY Icon Glossary of Terms
NEW! BFS1 Errors New Shoppers Quick Reference Guide
NEW! Blanket Purchase Order Form UPDATED! Non-Catalog Items Form
bluCard Tracking Payment Request Form
NEW! Business Unit Field in BearBUY Profile Management: How to Maintain a User Profile (BFS)

Cart Management

PO Change Orders Workflow for Senior Buyers Quick Reference Guide & Presentation

NEW! Change Requests vs PO Direct Revisions

Punchout Quotes Feature Quick Reference Guide

Chart of Account Codes (COA) in BearBUY

Receiving (How to Create Receipts)
Chartstring Field change on a non-vouchered PO Requisition Approver
Chartstring Field change on a Partially vouchered Catalog PO Requisition Creator
Chartstring Field change on a Partially vouchered Form PO
Searching and Viewing Supplier Profiles in BearBUY
Combining Multiple Attachments UPDATED! Services and Non-Tangible Items Form
Data Privacy UPDATED! Services and Non-Tangible Items Form for Purchasing Software and Cloud Services
NEW! Document Search Sole Source Form
Document Search - Monitoring a Workflow Step Steelcase/One Workplace Punch-Out
Email Approvals Subaward for Non-UC Recipients Form
Email Notifications Voucher & Match Exception Approver


Documents contain role descriptions as well as campus wide business process and procedures. Additional business processes and procedures can be added by departments as long as they don't contradict campus wide processes and procedures. All guides and material are printable and more will be posted going forward. Please check back regularly.

America To Go Requisition Quality Checklist Match Exception Preparer
America To Go Match Exception Quality Checklist Prevailing Wage Resources
Authorizer and Requisition Approver Prevailing Wage Training
Change Order Preparer Requisition Creator Guide
Forms Shopper (Universal)
Managing My Approvals List Voucher & Match Exception Approver Guide
How To Setup Ship To Address In BearBUY Profile Management PO Mass Closure
How To Select a Ship To Option As a Shopper BearBUY Fast Track Approval
How To Create a Quantity or Cost Receipt  
Elastic Search


Webinars are topic specific. Demos are short videos that demonstrate how to perform specific functions in BearBUY. More Webinars and demos will be posted going forward. Please check back regularly.

Approvals (Worklist) Navigation  Quantity Receipts
Catalogs and Contracts Menu  Shop Menu 
Cost Receipts Supplier Management
Menu Search Viewing and Updating your Profile in BearBUY
Navigating BearBUY   Workflow View
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