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  • After the Fact Justification for unauthorized purchases.
  • Amendment Template - The following document provides instructions on how to document an Amendment and/or Change Order Guide.
  • Classification Worksheet for Federal Tax Purposes Policy & Form - The department end-user should work with HR before engaging with individuals that might be considered employees to be compliance with Federal tax requirements.  There are other state and federal laws regarding classification of workers as independent contractors or employees.  If the department is requesting to work with an Independent Contractor, please furnish a copy of this checklist to the requisition.
  • Conflict of Interest Certification Form - It is the policy of the University to keep an employee’s private interests separate from University interests and to safeguard the University and its employees from charges of favoritism. Suppliers that work with the university must affirm that, to the best of the Supplier’s knowledge, no UC employee who has participated in UC’s decision-making concerning the award of a UC Purchase Order or Agreement has an “economic interest” in the Agreement or Supplier. Individuals and Suppliers must disclose to the university conflict of interests if one exists. 
  • Competitive Bidding Guide - Provides guidance on competitive bidding requirements.
  • Formal Notice Pursuant to University Guidelines on Contracting for Services - Prior approval (4 weeks prior to issuing a RFP) is needed for contracts that may result in the displacement of University staff and are anticipated to exceed $100,000 per year.  Departments must fill out the “Formal Notice Pursuant to University Guidelines on Contracting for Services,” and send it to UCB ( & UCOP ( Human Resources for review and approval.  Contracting for Services Guidelines.
  • Partial Tax Exemption Certificate for Manufacturing, Research, and Development Equipment - provides for a partial sales and use tax exemption for certain manufacturing and research development for the purchase of “qualified property” valued at $5,000 or more. It should be filled out by the department and included as an external attachment on the BearBuy form. When purchasing research equipment, reference the Controllers website for CA Partial Tax Exemption guidelines.
  • Small Business First Non-Award Justification -  For the UC Berkeley campus, this document must be completed by the requesting department for all applicable non-federally funded purchases valued between $100,000 and $250,000 annually. Purchases/agreement types that do not require a waiver: inter-agency, federal government, research sub-awards, local government, higher education institutions, concessions, revenue/reimbursement contracts, medical and patient care, statutorily exempt, policy exempt, emergency, local assistance/subvention, and proprietary contracts.
  • Statement of Work Template - Clarifies the department’s needs for services to help prevent ambiguity or future disputes from the Supplier.  A Statement of Work should include the project scope defining the required deliverables, due dates, intellectual property, period of performance, payment rates and terms.
  • Strategic Technology Acquisition - Technology purchases ≥$100,000 will require the High-Cost Information Technology Acquisition Request for Review form when ordering IT equipment, software, or services.
  • UC Insurance Requirements: Prior to providing services to the University, Suppliers must furnish the University with current certificates of insurance (and the relevant endorsement pages) that meet the minimum requirements.  Additional insurance may be required for higher risk goods or services.
  • UCOP Source Selection & Price Reasonableness (SSPR) Justification FormSSPR User Guide & SSPR FAQ - This document must be completed by the requesting Department for all Federally Funded purchases ≥$10,000 and Non-Federally Funded purchases ≥$100,000 to substantiate appropriateness of source selection and price reasonableness for State and Federal audits.
    • Federal Funds Resources (Supplemental forms required for the SSPR):