Supply Chain Management's Vision, Mission, and Strategic Objectives


To be acknowledged by University of California executive and campus leadership, faculty, staff, and students as a high performing strategic partner that is essential to the financial health of the University.


  • To expand opportunities for teaching, research, and public service by delivering savings and efficient procurement services across University of California

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop collaborative relationships with clients across the UC system to understand their needs and provide high quality procurement services that best meet those needs
  • Pursue strategic initiatives in a coordinated manner that leverages the power of our collective spend and redirects savings to teaching, research, and public service
  • Invest in and optimize talent and technologies across the University to deliver far greater benefit that can be achieved by any single location working independently
  • Drive down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and promote new revenue opportunities through effective sourcing, contract management and supply chain solutions
  • Partner with suppliers to develop business relationships and solutions that optimize value for the University

Berkeley Guide to Contracting

NEW:  The University of California, Berkeley Guide to Contracting, a step-by-step guide to creating, amending, executing and terminating contracts on the Berkeley campus is now available.

UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management units are responsible for:


  • Assisting departments with the acquisition of goods and services
  • Providing process guidance and facilitation
  • Assisting with policy interpretation and compliance
  • Collaborating with campus Risk Management and Legal Counsel
  • Leading best practices in purchasing activities