BearBuy Process Flow


Roles & Responsibilities

BB Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Key Capabilities

Roles & Capabilities

This table provides a summary of the roles and corresponding capabilities of each role. This is not a comprehensive list of permissions, but suffices to explain what each role can generally accomplish.

Y = Permitted

N = Not permitted

For separation of duties, assigning a Requisition Creator Role, Requisition Approver Role and/or Voucher Approver role to one individual for the same Org Node is highly discouraged.

Which BearBuy roles must be requested through SARA?

SARA Roles

Please visit the System Access Request Application (SARA): to request these specific roles in BearBuy. Keep in mind that your manager will need to approve the request prior to you receiving the role.

In order to get a Change Order Preparer role, you will need to attend training before the role can be given to you.