The bluCard is a University procurement card that enables the timely purchase of low value goods or services.  The purchase shall not exceed $4,999.00 in accordance with the LVPA (Low Value Purchase Authorization).  No travel or entertainment expenses may be paid for with the bluCard.

Benefits of Using bluCard

  • Provides a convenient method for purchasing low value products and services
  • Allows Cardholder to purchase items on UC systemwide Strategic Sourcing Agreements such as: office supplies, water, certain types of office furniture, lab supplies, computers, etc. 
  • Allows purchases from vendors who accept the Visa Card, but do not accept purchase orders
  • Speeds up processing time from purchase to payment with consolidated electronic billing

To Begin Participating in the Card Program, click Program Management.

Please note that training is a requirement prior to receipt and usage of any of the cards associated with the card programs. See Job Aids & Training.