Do not issue a requisition or departmental PO for these items. The
Office of Laboratory Animal Care controls all animal purchases.

Access OLAC's Guide to Services via their website's
Forms & Publications page

Animal Purchases and Acquisition

All animals purchased for use in campus research must be acquired through OLAC and using OLAC approved vendors. The animal purchasing service includes placing orders with vendors, receiving, on-campus delivery, housring set-up, and arrangement of standing orders. Standard orders are placed by submitting an Animal Purchase Request to OLAC, these forms are available on the OLAC web-site.

Contact OLAC for a list of approved vendors.
By Mail or In Person: Attn: Animal Orders  203 NAF #7150
By Fax: Attn: Animal Orders 3-0886

Turnaround: Request at least one week in advance. Turnaround time varies depending on the animal vendor and species.

Delivery: OLAC schedules deliveries to arrive between Tuesday and Thursday.

Confirmation: Once placed, all orders are confirmed by email. If the order cannot be placed for any reason, the form will be faxed back with a cover memo explaining why.

Questions: Call the order desk, 2-1990, Monday through Friday, hours: 9am -12noon and 1pm - 4pm.

Note: The Animal Order form can only be used for one type of animal. If a standing order is placed, each order must be identical except for delivery date and it must consist of only one item (or group) to be shipped.

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