Artwork Defined/Examples:  Special collections of individual items of art, museum pieces, or scientific items with acquisition value equal to or great than $5000 per unit that will be capitalized.  Purchase of tangible items of artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, statutes, sketches, or notes.  Inventory can be tracked as individual items, grouping of items, or as collections in total.  Special Collections can take any tangible form as long as considered part of a collection (Works of art, special collections, and Antiques).

How to purchase Artwork:

  1. Use the following Form in BearBuy: “Non-Catalog Form”.
  2. Attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy: Source Justification with Price Reasonableness & Insurance (see Other Considerations below).
  3. Shipping:  Departments should engage specialized art shippers to ship art.  FedEx or mail shipments are discouraged for art shipments.  Indicate if the Requisition amount includes shipping, and who will be shipping the art.  Preferred transportation companies: Atthowe Fine Art Services, Ship/Art International, Lawrence Fine Art Services, and Norton Fine Art Handling (storage, moving, and appraisal services).
  4. Insurance:  Risk Management will need to be consulted about additional insurance and bonding requirements.
  5. Departmental Tracking Number:  Departments may issue their own numbers for inventory tracking purposes, such as an Accession Number.  These are for departmental tracking purposes only and do not replace a BETS number or the necessary BETS process described below.
  6. Asset Tracking: Berkeley Equipment Tracking System (BETS):  The value of the individual pieces of artwork will determine the tracking process.  Each piece whose value is $5,000 or greater will need to be tracked separately in BETS as an individual piece or a collection of art that is inventoried with one value for the entire collection.

  • Each piece valued at $5,000 or more needs to be entered as a separate PO line item with the Accession# listed line item internal and external comments.
  • If individual pieces are valued at under $5,000, then individual tracking and separate PO line items are not needed.  The artwork can be grouped together and entered as a collection.
  • Each accession# needs a separate line item.
  • Artwork is not taxable.
  • The PO line item should indicate a description of the artwork, year, title, and artist name.
  • BAM Acquisitions only – A copy of the Board Meeting Notes approving the purchase.
  • Accounts that can be used include:
    • 54211 – Library Books/Mtls – Capitalizable
    • 54213 – Lib Rare Bks/Rare Bk Coll-Capitalizab
    • 54214 – Special Collections (excl Lib) -> $5k
    • 54218 – Library Serials-Capitalizable
    • 55304 – Non-inv Special Collections <$200
    • 55314 – Special Collections -> $200 < $1,500
    • 55324 – Special Collections -> $1,500 < $5,000

See Special Considerations for additional potential issues.

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