Business Case For Supplier Diversity


University of California efforts to purchase goods and services from diverse businesses support the Supply Chain Management public service mission. Spend with such businesses results in:

  • Equity and inclusion for businesses often left out of the supplier base
  • Economic benefit for local socio-economic communities
  • Agile service providers with an eagerness to efficiently and accurately get products and services to us
  • Resiliency in the face of changing campus needs
  • Cultivation of sustainable partnerships with campus departments 

Business Finance Bulletin 43 (BFB-BUS-43)

BFB-BUS-43 is the primary UC policy document which addresses supplier diversity. It states that the University is committed to providing procurement opportunities to diverse suppliers and dedicating an appropriate portion of its business to small, diverse, and disadvantaged businesses. The policy also describes the structure for campuses to create and maintain Supplier Diversity programs, as well as the management of Small Business Subcontracting Plans and reporting on those plans.

It is divided into five sections which address procurement policy, compliance, responsibilities, and procedures. Sections  III and V include a Part 3 section titled: “SUPPLIER DIVERSITY AND FEDERAL PLANNING AND REPORTING.”