Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals

Computer Hardware

Preferred Contracted Suppliers:  Dell and Apple

The Dell and Apple Punchout catalogs on BearBuy list the most current preferred configurations for desktop and laptop solutions for self service purchasing. 

Additional equipment may be obtained from other campus catalogs.  CDW-G maintains a wide range of peripherals, accessories and non-standard equipment.  Main Street is a Small Business and authorized reseller of HP equipment.  They can help you when you have federal funds to spend on computer equipment and software.

If you need assistence in identifying equipment, equipment configuration and purchasing, please visit Technology@Berkeley Computer Purchasing.  This page will provide links to departments that can recommend, order, configure and deliver equipment to meet your business needs. 

If a computer purchase is being made from a supplier other than Dell or Apple, use a BearBuy Non-Catalog Form.

Technology acquisitions costing $100,000 or more are reviewed by Information Systems & Technology (IST) before a purchase order or contract can be issued.  See the Technology @ Berkeley  High Cost Information Technology Acquisition Review web page for more information about this review process. 

Computer Software

Software @Berkeley provides a consolidated listing of software products available for instruction, research, and course work. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students in need of software for both institutional and personal use should check out what's available at  prior to making a decision to purchase software.  The campus maintains site licenses for most commonly used software, including products from Adobe, Docusign, Microsoft and many others.  

Additionally, BearBuy includes several catalog suppliers who provide software licenses and/or media at discounted rates. 

Preferred Contracted Supplier:  SHI International

Servers and Storage

Contracted Suppliers:  Dell, HP

There are UC systemwide agreements with Dell and HP for servers and associated storage products.  Search Contracts in BearBuy to learn more about the agreements.


Contracted Supplier:  CDW-G

Peripherals should be purchased through the BearBuy punchout catalog for CDW-G.

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