Contributions and Donations

Contracted Supplier: Not applicable

Complete a BearBuy Payment Request Form and attach all of the required documentation including a letter on official University letterhead which states that the gift was made on behalf of the University (a card containing the same information may be substituted), a receipt or invoice, and the name, title and occupation of the gift recipient(s).

Relevant Policy/Procedures: Includes non-cash gifts of moderate expense to non-University individuals or organizations when the gifts are made on behalf of the University. Also, non-cash awards of minimal value to employees for recognition, length of service, retirement purpose or gifts as an expression of sympathy. See BFB-G-42, Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University (pdf) and BFB-G-41, Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts (pdf) .

Additional Resources: Also see the Controller’s website.

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