Events – Meetings & Entertainment

Events - Meetings & Entertainment defined: 

When engaging an offsite, non-University of California (UC) facility/venue rental for an event, certain steps need to take place to comply with UC policies.  Meeting and Entertainment activities must support an underlying University business purpose or involve some sort of promotion of goodwill, donor cultivation, etc.

Supply Chain Management procurement handles the following types of events.  Consult with your Buyer for any event or venue rental more than $99,999.99 as it may require competition by law.

  • Overnight lodging/hotel stays
  • Venue rentals such as hotel/conference centers that involve food/beverage service
  • Catering arrangements held off-campus more than $9,999.99 and/or require a signed agreement

Do not use the Off Campus Event form to process:

  • Facility Rentals: Real Estate handles facility rentals only that do not include food and/or beverages.  Examples include; UC research on off site land, office, lab and residential housing space, classroom rentals for educational events, and athletics facility rentals. 
    • For more information about the facilities rental process and/or the revised Facility Use Permit form, please email Shauna Brown at
  • UC Owned property:  International House orders, use the Payment Request Form in BearBUY if you have already received an invoice.  Departments may sign agreements to use International House. 
  • Student Group activities.


If UC Insurance is needed by the hotel/conference center listing them as an additional insured, Buyer will send the fully executed contract to Risk Services so they will issue an insurance certificate to the venue.  The type of event may require additional insurance amounts such as Boat Parties or Cruises.

Risk Services needs a minimum of two weeks to issue insurance documents to the venues. 

Food Trucks:  

The operation of food trucks on campus for special events requires approval by EH&S and UCPD to determine if the location and sanitation of the trucks meet campus criteria. Further details can be found in the policy here:

UC Berkeley Campus Permit:

A permit will be needed if one of the following is planned to occur:

1. Food sold to the public OR food being given to general public
2. There will be alcohol served 
3. Outdoor open flame

Master Service Agreements (MSA's) UCB has executed MSA's with certain suppliers, which includes a blanket insurance certificate issued by Risk Services.  Events with those suppliers will be governed by the terms and conditions of the fully executed MSA.

Hotels & Conference Venues
  • BPR Properties Berkeley LLC, DBA: Hotel Shattuck
  • David Brower Center
  • The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa
  • Berkeley City Club
  • Residence Inn By Marriott Berkeley

Catering (Zero Waste and/or Eat Well Certified) for local off-site conferences/venues that allow for 3rd-party catering. 
  • California Rose Catering
  • Checkers Catering
  • EBCC Inc, DBA: Elaine Bell Catering
  • Grace Street Catering
  • Market Hall Caterers, DBA: Fourth Street Pasta Shop
  • North American Food & Catering Services, DBA: ACT Catering & Event Production

How to Process an Event order:

  1. The department may use their Event Planner Card for MSA's or when the Supplier doesn't require a signed contract.  Requisitions processed on the Bear Buy: Off Campus Events form will automatically create a PO without Buyer review when using Hotel and Caterer's listed above.
  2. All other orders that require a signed contract should be processed on the Bear Buy: Off Campus Events form.
    • Provide the estimated number of attendees, and if they are affiliated with the UC.
    • Is this request in compliance with BUS 79 policy on Business Meetings and Entertainment?
    • Provide the Contact information for the Venue and the Department.
    • The department should attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBUY:

Required documents from the Department:

Required documents from the Supplier:

    • Supplier’s proposal
    • Agreement for your assigned Buyer to review.
      • Along with the Event details which can be signed by the department head or equivalent authority.
      • Faculty Club and Alumni House are separate entities that have longstanding master contracts that address all indemnification and insurance issues.  Buyers only need to sign the event contract details.
      • Have you read, understand, and agree to the terms in the contract especially the cancellation charges?

Other Considerations:

  • Services Performed on UC Property:
    • Contact Employee & Labor Relations at before contracting with any third party catering provider.
  • See Special Considerations for additional potential issues.

Relevant Policies & Applications:

EH&S:  Special Event Safe Food Handling Practices

UCPD: Application to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at a Campus Event

BFS-BUS 79: Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions.

BFS-BUS-43: Purchases of Goods and Services; Supply Chain Management

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