There are two classes of explosive chemicals.

The use of explosive chemicals requires training from EH&S. Contact EH&S at 642-3073.

  1. Explosive chemicals that are designed and produced for use as an explosive (e.g., TNT, explosive bolts, bullets, blasting caps, and fireworks).
  2. Potentially explosive chemicals (PECs), which include peroxidizable organic chemicals. Most chemicals that are used in research and teaching laboratories are stable and non-explosive at the time of purchase. Over time, some chemicals can oxidize, become contaminated, dry out, or otherwise destabilize to become PECs (e.g., isopropyl ether, sodium amide, and picric acid).

Contracted Suppliers: Spectrum Chemical

Note Relevant Policy/Procedures below for required training before ordering explosive chemicals.

To order from Spectrum Chemical:

  • Open the Spectrum BearBuy catalog.
  • Select items and add them to a Shopping Cart.
  • Assign or submit the cart according to the unit’s selected workflow.

The order will automatically be routed to a Buyer, regardless of dollar value.

To order explosive chemicals from a non-catalog supplier:

  • Click on and complete a Non-Catalog Form.
  • Include the Supplier name, contact information, and a detailed description of the material requested.
  • Check the EH&S Review checkbox in the “Health and Safety” section of the form.
  • Check the Buyer Intervention box on the Requisition screen.
  • Scan any quotes or supporting documentation and attach them to the BearBuy form.
  • Add the order to your Shopping Cart and route the cart per your department’s established workflow process.

The approved Requisition will be routed to the appropriate Buyer and EH&S to verify that the Shopper is authorized to purchase this particular item in this specific quantity.

Relevant Policy/Procedures: Refer to Publication: Safe Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

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