Inbound Domestic Shipping

Inbound Domestic Freight Program (3rd Party Billing)

The Inbound Freight Program reduces the costs of our inbound freight (shipping charges for delivering products to your departments on "freight added" orders) by directing suppliers to use our very competitive UC freight contracts.   Suppliers use the UCB inbound shipping account numbers.  Our partner, Vantage Point Logistics (VPL), manages the UPS and FedEx billing process. 

Departments will see the product charge from the supplier and the inbound freight charge (shipping) from VPL separately. 

How are shipping charges tracked?

The shipping companies bill VPL for individual shipments.  VPL aggregates those into a weekly billing that is sent directly to BFS, charging the Chartfields of the corresponding BearBuy Purchase Order. 

Here’s how to find the shipping charges associated with a particular purchase order:

  • Quick process:
    • Use CalAnswers GL Detail tab to search for transactions using the Fund number associated with your P.O.
    • Click here for a shortcut to a CalAnswers search
      (link is external)
      Change the time period and fund number, then apply the filter.
    • Use the web browser’s find dialog box (Chrome “Find… Ctrl+F”) to find PO number used with the Supplier “Vantage Point Logistics”. 
    • Tip:  If search returns too much data, add the Department number and re-apply the filter. 
      You can also use the export button at bottom of page to get the data in an Excel file.   

  • Click here to see in-depth CalAnswers search example and screen shots. 

For problems with the VPL Inbound Freight Program, please email sends e-mail).