International Shipping

For shipping items outside of the United States, refer to the UC Berkeley Research Export Controls website.

Contracted Supplier:  American Cargoservice 

American Cargoservice Inc.
7886 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111
Office: (858) 565-4125
Toll Free: (800) 508-4888
Fax: (858) 565-7623
e-mail: sends e-mail)

When to call ACS

ACS customs clearance process FAQs


International inbound shipments (value > $2,500.00) will require formal clearance by a customs broker.  All shipping charges are to be paid in US Dollars.  All items being shipped internationally should use one of our contracted suppliers to handle customs, duties, and import taxes to ensure that only fees required by applicable treaties will be applied.  American Cargoservice is the University's customs brokers and hold power of attorney for customs clearance.  Contact our contracted supplier, American Cargoservice directly prior to shipment for customs clearance and shipping.

To pay for international shipping (freight forwarding), complete the BearBuy Non-Catalog Form:

  1. Indicate the preferred supplier and include a detailed description of the items being ordered
  2. Scan all required supporting documentation and attach electronic copies to the form
  3. Verify that the distribution method is set to "email." If not, select Buyer Intervention with instructions to change the distribution method
  4. Include the following shipping instructions on the purchase order:
  • Reference Unviersity Purchase Order number on all containers and shipping documents
  • Ship to the attention of: UC Berkeley Central Distribution, 3200 Regatta Blvd., Suite E, Richmond, CA 94804-64165
  • Supplier must:
    • Include a copy of the invoice and reference the Purchase Order Number
    • Instruct the carrier, "Upon shipment/arrival to USA, for customs clearance, carrier to notify: American Cargoservice

The Carrier must deliver the materials to the Ship To address on the purchase order once the shipment has been cleared by customs. For other distribution addresses, the Requisition Creator must email Equipment Management of the location of the equipment, so that BETS can be annotated. For departments with a BETS Equipment Custodian, goods can be shipped directly to the department Ship To address.The "tax" on this order will be paid directly to the State of California.