Maintenance Services


Maintenance Services Defined

Facility services processes day-to-day maintenance orders for goods and services that are needed to support the campus operations.

Maintenance is the upkeep of property, machinery, systems, and facilities, including buildings, utility infrastructure, roads, and grounds. Maintenance consists of those activities necessary to keep facilities and systems operational and in good working order. It consists of the preservation, but not improvement, of buildings and grounds, other real property improvements and their components. Maintenance may include replacement of components of equipment or building systems (roof, flooring, HVAC,etc.) if replacement is performed.

  • on a routine or recurring basis,
  • to bring the equipment or building system back to its fully functional state,
  • to ensure equipment or building system retains its functionality for its anticipated useful life.

Subject to the above limitations, replacement of a component of a building system for preservation, not improvement) is a form of maintenance when the replacement component is a duplicate. i.e. replacement in kind, or, if not, the replacement item is an upgrade because a duplicate component is obsolete or no longer reasonably available.  When the replacement is undertaken for the purpose of upgrading a system, it is not maintenance and could fall into a construction job. 

Maintenance vs Construction:

The following Maintenance vs Construction guide can be used as a reference but Construction personnel will ultimately determine what services fall under construction projects.  Real Estate manages Construction projects and you can find additional information on the Capital Strategies website.

Examples of Maintenance services:

  • Landscaping
  • Tree workers
  • Custodial (except interior or exterior window washing)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Waxing floors
  • Recycling
  • Dining & Storeroom workers
  • Painting services less than $25,000 when performed by UC employees.  All painting is considered construction if performed by a 3rd party.
  • Building trades maintenance services

Consult with your Buyer before contracting for any maintenance projects over $100,000.

Custodial Services:

  • When the campus client is in a campus owned/campus operated building then they need to contact Facilities Services.
  • When a property is rental property (non-campus owned building), check in with Real Estate services regarding the custodial contract with the building owner.  The property owner should have a service in place.  If the property owner is not doing custodial services, contact Facilities Services service to provide support.  If Facilities Services is unable to support the building based on factors other than cost, Labor Relations must receive notice prior to placing orders with outside contractors to provide the service.

How to hire a Maintenance Service Providers:

  1. Confirm that this order is NOT part of a current or pending construction project or using construction funding.
  2. Facity Services ≥$15,000 will require a DIR project number.
  3. Facility Services that are ≤$99,999 in a one-year period: A zero dollar Master Service Agreement (MSA) should be executed to establish the terms and conditions and reference the Suppliers DIR Project Number.  A requisition / PO will be used to facilitate the payment.  The MSA & Suppliers Insurance Certificate will be loaded into the BearBuy contract module with limited access to Facility Buyers.
  4. Facility Services that are ≥$99,999 in a one year period will need competition (RFx): A MSA will be awarded to one or more Suppliers with the estimated spend, agreement term dates and to establish the terms and conditions.  A requisition / PO will be used to facilitate the payment.  The MSA will be loaded into the BearBuy contract module with limited access to Facility Buyers.  Buyer’s will need to get prior approval from Labor Relations at least 4 weeks in advance of posting the RFx.  For more information, please reference "Services of a Type That Are Currently Performed by UC Employees."
  5. Maintenance: Contact the Facilities Business Center and open a work order: (510) 642-1032 or
  6. Once the work order process is approved, Use the following Form in BearBuy: “Services Order Form.”
  7. Orders that might displace UC staff: Add Labor Relations to the PO distribution so they can notify the Union.
  8. Are the services performed on UC property? Check the Prevailing Wage (PW) check box, if applicable.  If not PW, select the Fair Wage / Fair Work (FW) PO clause.
  9. Facility Services should attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy:

Required documents from Facility Services:

  1. UCOP Source Selection & Price Reasonableness (SSPR) Justification Form
  2. Statement of Work – or – PO line description defining the services
  3. PO line description: Add the Prevailing Wage project number issued from the Department of Industrial Relations: DIR# XXXX or in process.
  4. Attach the Formal Notice Pursuant to University Guidelines on Contracting for Services after Labor Relations has reviewed and approved the request for Services.
  5. Is there an agreement in place?  Associate the Bear by requisition to the MSA link.

Required documents from the Supplier:

  1. Insurance
  2. Supplier’s proposal
  3. Special Considerations for additional potential issues.
    1. Services of a Type that are Currently Performed by UC Employees will require a review and additional notice from Labor Relations.
    2. Fair Wage / Fair Work: Will the services be performed on the UC campus, medical centers or LBNL and NOT contain prevailing wage / public works or sponsored funds.  Provide a comment in the requisition with the percentage of services that will be performed on the campus versus at the Supplier’s place of business.  Fair Wage requirements must be communicated to bidders prior to collecting quotes so that accurate pricing will be reflected in the quotes.
    3. Prevailing Wage: Will these services involve physical changes to a building (painting, carpeting), maintenance, improvements to UC buildings or land, or moving or landscaping services? Check the prevailing wage checkbox.  Prevailing Wage requirements must be communicated to bidders prior to collecting quotes so that accurate pricing will be reflected in the quotes, and bidders must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations prior to start of work or issuing of an agreement.
    4. The Buyer will use the above documentation to create a Service Agreement if there isn’t one in place, which will be signed by the Buyer and the Supplier.


For more information, see Finance Bulletin:  BFS-BUS-43 Purchases of Goods and Services; Supply Chain Management & UC Facilities Manual.

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