Moving - Household, Campus, Laboratory

Household and Personal Effects

Moving expenses are defined as: reasonable costs incurred by a new employee or by a current employee who transfers to a new University location.  Costs included are: moving household goods and personal effects and cost of travel to the University location for the individual and his/her immediate family. 

Eligibility for Payment: The types of payment that are allowed depend on the classification of the employee who is moving.

The University will pay a vendor or reimburse an employee for certain moving expenses when such costs are reasonable and necessary.  The costs must be incurred during the employee’s move. Although the University may pay all or part of an individual's moving expenses,  the payment may constitute taxable wages as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Best practices: employee moving expenses

  • Work with the employee to determine how specific types of costs can be paid through a supplier.
  • Use strategically sourced suppliers for the employee’s move.  These suppliers have been vetted and have appropriate insurance.
  • Initiate payment by using a BearBuy Moving Services: Household and Personal Effects Form.
Reimbursement of Certain Types of Moving Expenses
Contracted Suppliers for moving expenses- for all employee positions:  Mayflower Transit, North American Van Lines, Olsen & Fielding, United Van Lines.  Contact the authorized agent for the van lines to coordinate and quote your move:
  • Alex Moving and Storage – Authorized agent for North American Van Lines
  • Chipman International –  Authorized agent for United Van Lines
  • Mayflower Transit LLC –  Use BFS supplier ID for out-of-state “Inter-State” move.  Contact authorized agent Olsen & Fielding Moving Services
  • Olsen & Fielding Moving Services –  Authorized agent for Mayflower Transit LLC
  • Suddath Relocation Services –  Authorized agent for United Van Lines for international moves

Select a mover from the above list of contract suppliers.  Search Contracts in BearBuy to learn more about the agreements.  Contact them to obtain a quote for the requested move. The timing of a household move is critical during the peak periods of May through September. Providing less than 14 days’ notice could seriously jeopardize the desired move dates of the employee being moved.

Complete a BearBuy Moving Services: Household and Personal Effects Form according to the instructions on the form, and provide as much detail as possible.

Attach all the required documentation and attachments. If you have a quote or any other relevant information for the move (offer letter, etc.) attach those documents to the form. Add the form to your Shopping Cart and route the cart per your department’s established authorization and approval workflow process.  Moving expenses for employee relocations must be charged to General Ledger Account number 57232.

Exceptional Approval for additional moving expenses is subject to the policies listed above:
If your department wishes to pay for any costs not covered by UC Policy, the following documentation is required:

  • Obtain written approval from your Dean or Vice Provost or Vice Chancellor.  See the following for sample text: "We will pay for the entire portion of the household relocation not covered by UC Policy and transportation of one vehicle. Approved by DEAN on DATE."
  • Indicate in the "Additional Information" field of the form:
    • What exceptions to policy you are making
    • Signature of the authority who granted approval
    • The date granting exceptional approval.
  • Attach the written approval to the form.

Campus (also see Laboratory below)

Contact Campus Moving Services to learn about the appropriate procedures and to coordinate and schedule office moves.  For packing instructions and ergonomic recommendations, see the Packing Instructions & Ergonomics webpage.



Contact Campus Moving Services to coordinate and schedule lab moves.  For guidance on how to prepare for a lab move, see the Laboratory Moves webpage on the Property Management website.


Additional Resources: For removal of controlled substances or several types of hazardous materials prior to the move, you must work with EH&S

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