Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest News and Updates - March 20, 2020

March 20, 2020

Orders Scheduled for Delivery to Closed Buildings

Updated as of 03/31/2020:
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please consider revising or canceling purchase orders that have been placed within the last 25 days if they are to be delivered to closed buildings. Also, please do not forget to notify suppliers of your cancellations.

Furthermore, equipment and goods with long lead times can/should have delivery postponed until after the shelter-in-place order is lifted.

Please ensure delivery will be made to an open receiving location at appropriate times if you are ordering essential or perishable items/products that:
  • Support First Responders
  • Support essential life-safety operations for UHS, Student Affairs, Facilities
  • Are items required for online teaching needs
  • Are lab supplies necessary to maintain living cell lines
  • Are supplies necessary to promote COVID-19 rapid testing or therapeutics
If you have questions about your building's receiving capabilities, please contact your department manager or building manager.

Deliveries to Campus

The campus is operating on minimal staffing for essential business operations only. Deliveries must be made Monday-Friday between 6:00 AM and noon. The University is instructing delivery companies to minimize contact and refrain from desktop delivery service. Deliveries should also be made to staffed receiving docks and warehouses only.

Perishable lab and research supplies must be shipped Next Day 10:30 AM. morning delivery to an open laboratory stockroom. Requestors must make themselves available to receive orders, especially perishables as stockrooms have limited cold storage.

IT Client Services will be provisioning technology equipment at Regional Services, 1608 Fourth Street. They will contact users to facilitate equipment pickup.

Staff working in essential operations for Student Affairs, University Health Services, 4th Street, and Facilities will continue with their normal business processes.

For emergencies and essential (non-laboratory) purchases only:
  • Ship to Mail Services, 2000 Carleton Street, Room 255, Berkeley CA 94720, BearBuy Ship To ID CARLE00255.
  • Mail Services will only distribute those orders to departments who have essential staff working onsite.
  • You must include your final delivery information and contact information on the order using the final destination Code and internal notes fields for those orders. Please expect delays as this service will be overwhelmed.
  • If your order is extremely urgent or an emergency, use Priority Services with FedEx and UPS. FedEx Priority Overnight by 10:30 AM. UPS, Next Day Air 10:30 AM. UPS and FedEx will attempt to call/contact you for delivery.