FEMA Terms and Conditions on COVID-19 Related Purchases Over $3,300.00

May 15, 2020
For purchases directly related to the COVID-19 response that may be subject to potential Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursement, please include the following terms and conditions as an External Attachment on your BearBuy order to the Supplier when able to do so (cXML cataloged Suppliers may not allow for external attachments). 

Purchase Orders for equipment, masks, gloves, eye protection, gowns, and other critical materials that protect public health more than $3,300.00 should include these required FEMA terms. 

For tracking of COVID-19 related orders and potential FEMA reimbursement, please use general ledger account code 55022 (Medical Supplies). Ensure at least one of the corresponding COVID-19 chartfield codes is recorded on the purchase order. If you’re not sure which code to use, email your question to vcfinance@berkeley.edu or review the Finance FAQs  for examples.

COVID-19 Chartfield Codes:

  • CF1: COVD19
  • CF2: COV19