Shipping Ergonomic & Essential Teaching Items

July 14, 2020
Users with ergonomic needs during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order are now allowed to make purchases to accommodate their needs. SCM has partnered with the University’s Be Well at Work Ergonomics Program and CDW-G to ensure approved ergonomic peripherals (i.e. keyboard, mouse, footrest, laptop riser, etc.) are available for purchase.

Essential Orders
Departments may place orders for essential teaching supplies for home delivery if allowed by the department's financial approvers. 

How to Place Orders
Effective April 2, 2020, please use the BearBuy punchout catalogs to make ergonomic and essential peripheral purchases, using the designated Generic Ship-To Address code mentioned (WFHGENERIC) in this quick reference guide to have your orders delivered directly to your home address.

All orders must be charged against departmental funds. The University does not  have a dedicated COVID-19 budget to reimburse departments for these purchases. 

If you have an essential purchase for federally funded goods or capital assets that cannot be shipped to an open campus receiving location, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

Recommended Suppliers
The following suppliers will ship to your home address: Amazon, Apple, Blaisdell's Business Products, B&H Photo, CDW-G, DELL, and Office Depot/OfficeMax.

Please be aware that some Suppliers in BearBuy are unable to process electronic orders to home addresses. Suppliers that cannot accept electronic orders to home addresses include Fisher and VWR. Any essential purchases with these suppliers need to be sent via email to the supplier for manual processing.