Procurement Sustainability

Supply Chain Management's goal is to drive best practices in sustainable procurement while delivering the best values in goods and services to the university. 

We encourage all to join the activities of the UC Sustainable Procurement group which works toward continuous improvement of sustainable practices.  The overall UC goal policy goals are to achieve:

    • Full Compliance with required green spending levels.
    • 25% economically and socially responsible spending.
    • Allocating 15% of available points for all competitive solicitations to sustainability criteria.

Note: This is a summary of policy goals. Additional details and the current requirements are available in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy.

See UC's progress toward these goals in the Annual Report on Sustainable PracticesTo see more about Berkeley’s progress toward these goals, please visit the webpage hosted by Sustainability & Carbon Solutions on Procurement.

Independent Ratings and Resources:

Berkeley and the University of California use Ecovadis, an independent organization that evaluates and benchmarks companies based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and performance.  Ecovadis rates over 100,000 companies across 175 countries.   If you’d like to dive deeper into a supplier’s current sustainability scorecard, we encourage you to log on to Ecovadis.  If you need access to the Ecovadis system, please email Alex Butler with the subject line: Ecovadis Access Request.   

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) is a global community of purchasers, suppliers, advocates, and experts committed to driving positive impact through the power of procurement whose mission statement is "Building a sustainable world through the power of procurement".  Sign up as a UC employee. Learn and participate. 

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