When to select Buyer intervention

Services and public facing goods that could cause harm need to be reviewed by a SCM Buyer with delegated authority.

Requisitions must be routed by Buyer intervention regardless of dollar value if your order falls into one of the categories below or falls into a Special Considerations category. Check the BearBuy "Buyer Intervention" checkbox inside the Bear Buy ordering form.

Examples of when to select Buyer Intervention

  • Requires a signed agreement, including online acceptance of terms of use
  • Services (including cloud services and software licensees) that contain UC protected information such as; health, personal, or credit card payment data
  • On-site labor-related services of any kind (on-site is any University owned, leased or rented properties)
  • Use of UC name, logos and marks by the supplier
  • Construction/Capital Strategies orders
  • Goods or services provided by any employee or near relatives of any UC employee
  • Laboratory and other animals - Office of Laboratory Animal Care
  • Specialized equipment regardless of cost - Equipment Management
  • Environment, Health and SafetyRestricted items (Controlled substances, hazardous materials, radioactive)
  • Firearms, ammunition, explosives
  • Export Controls

Examples of when not to select Buyer Intervention

  • BluCard orders under $5,000.00 should be processed within Berkeley Regional Services (BRS)  with BluCards or when the Supplier is in the system and will accept a PO.
  • Facility Use agreements that Real Estate signs that don't involve food or have a contract that is under $10,000.00.
  • Business contracts signed by Business Contracts & Brand Proctection; legal contracts signed by the Office of Legal Affairs 
  • Some departments automatically check Buyer Intervention (The department end users don't know when it should and should not be checked). This should be unchecked by CSS when it doesn't apply.
  • Don't select Buyer Intervention when the order is over $10,000.00. BearBuy will automatically route the order to the Buyer.
  • Sending an order less than $10,000.00 to have a quote signed by a Buyer that doesn't contain any terms.