Radioactive Materials

Radioactive Materials Contracted Suppliers: Perkin Elmer, Fisher, VWR

Before ordering any radioactive materials the unit must work with the EH&S Radiation Safety Office, which controls campus use of radiation and radioactive materials, to obtain use authorization.

Use of radiation and radioactive material at UC Berkeley must be authorized in writing. Prospective users must submit an application for Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) accompanied by: 

  • A completed Radiation User Information Record (Green Sheet) (PDF) or (Word) for each person to be added to the RUA
  • A copy of the research protocol.

Training for Radiation Users: 

Every person who works with an ionizing radiation source at UC Berkeley is required to complete initial radiation safety training before being added to a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA). 

The RUA Holder and any others listed on the RUA must complete annual RUA training to remain on the RUA.

Being named on an RUA is a prerequisite to being permitted to use a radiation source (the one exception is that in the case of electron microscope use, the only person required to be listed on the RUA is the RUA Holder).

For catalog purchases:

  • Select items from the various catalogs.
  • Place only the radioactive materials in a Shopping Cart, so that the Cart can be appropriately routed to EH&S for review.
  • Assign or submit the Cart according to the unit’s selected workflow.

The Requisition Creator must make sure that the appropriate Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) number is entered for the radioactive materials to be ordered,

For non-catalog purchases:  Radioactive materials can also be purchased from non-catalog vendors. An approved Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) is required before purchasing or using radioactive materials or any source of ionizing radiation.

  • Complete the BearBuy Non-Catalog form.
  • Check the Radioactive checkbox under the Health and section. Enter the EH&S number and the Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) number in the Item Description field under the General Info section of the form.

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