Reimbursements to Employees

Reimbursements to Employees can include:

  • Non-travel expenses
  • Non-entertainment (i.e., office supplies, copies, etc.) and other out-of-pocket expenses when an employee cannot use other low-value procurement methods, such as bluCard.

An employee should complete a BearBuy Payment Request Form and on the form:

  • Select "Supplier not found" from the dropdown list
  • In "Payee Not Found: Name" field, enter Name
  • In "UCB Employee or Student ID" field, enter Employee ID number or Student ID number
  • Select "Activity Type" and enter description of payment
  • Scan and attach Itemized paid receipts or invoices. Make sure to remove personally identifiable and sensitive information before scanning documents. For more information, see the Data Privacy job aid.
  • Add the form to a Shopping Cart and follow your department's established requisition workflow process

Department Requisition Creators and Approvers have access to the employee database in BearBuy. When processing the Requisition:

  • Replace "Supplier not found" with Employee Name/ID Number from database
  • Enter chartstring and org node
  • Ensure required documentation is attached and it does not contain personally identifiable or sensitive information.
  • Submit the Requisition for approval

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