Select Agents

Select Agents

Contracted Suppliers:  Sigma-Aldrich

EH&S manages a Select Agents Program.  Review the Select Agents Program webpage for guidelines on working with EH&S.  The website also provides a list of approximately 40 viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae, fungi, and toxins that are considered to potentially pose substantial harm to human health.

Before placing any select agent orders:

  • Contact the Campus Biosafety Office at 643-6562 to obtain a Select Agent packet of checklists, forms and templates to help guide Principal Investigators (PIs) who wish to conduct research with select agents.
  • The Biosafety Office will assist PIs in completing the plan and in coordinating the subsequent required training for laboratory staff authorized to access locations where select agents are stored or used. All transfers of HHS or USDA select biological agents and toxins must be pre-authorized. Before receiving select agents, the PI must establish a Safety Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and Security Plan.

Note: One major element of the Security Plan is that authorized staff must pass background checks by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). People from certain "countries of interest" as defined by the DOJ will not pass the background check and may not be authorized. Please check with UCPD for information related to background checks.

  • The application will be sent to the appropriate federal agency, which is determined by the type of select biological agent or toxin possessed. Approval may take several months before work with the Select Agent(s) is allowed.

Once all requirements are in place, to purchase a select agent from Sigma Aldrich:

  • Select the agents from the Sigma Aldrich catalog and add them to a Shopping Cart.
  • Route the Shopping Cart using your department’s selected workflow.

To purchase a select agent from a non-catalog supplier like Cal Biochem

  • Use a BearBuy Non-Catalog Form and enter all the required information
  • Check the Select Agent checkbox in the Health and Safety section of the form, so the order will be routed to EH&S for review.
  • Route the Shopping Cart using your department’s selected workflow.

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