UPS CampusShip

Supply Chain Management and Accounts Payable are pleased to announce the implementation of a new option for express delivery and package delivery: UPS CampusShip!

UPS CampusShip is a web-based shipping solution that lets you prepare UPS shipping labels easily and quickly.

At your computer, you can:

  • Print shipping labels on your printer
  • Track shipments
  • Save your shipping preferences
  • Store addresses or share contacts in address books
  • Retrieve shipping history
  • Send ship notifications
  • Pay for your UPS services using your blucard (please do not forget to sign up for auto pay to avoid past due invoices when paying)

CampusShip Supplies Now Available at Participating Receiving Locations!

For your convenience, UPS CampusShip supplies are now available to pick up at the following participating receiving locations while supplies last:

  • 4th Street IT
    • Contact: Glenn Cruz
    • Address: 1608 4th Street Room 101, Berkeley, CA 94710
  • Library Mail Room
    • Contact: Sam Arrow
    • Address: Moffitt Library Room 242, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • ERSO Receiving
    • Contact: Erik Hoopes
    • Address: Sutardja Dai Hall Room 266, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Etcheverry & Hesse Receiving
    • Contact: Robert Jenkins
    • Address: Etcheverry Hall Room 2120, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Facilities Receiving
    • Contact: Max Schenk
    • Address: 2000 Carleton ST Room 130, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Hildebrand Receiving
    • Contact: Carl Lamey
    • Address: Heldebrand Hall Room B84, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • IGIB Receiving
    • Contact: Edward Rivera
    • Address: 2151 Berkeley Way Room B137A, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Li Ka Shing Receiving
    • Contact: Rene Castellanos
    • Address: 1951 Oxford Street Room 400, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Minor Receiving
    • Contact: Clifford Lobberegt
    • Address: Minor Hall Room 381, Berkeley, CA 94720

Please note that these supplies are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Once gone, you must place an order for more UPS supplies using your CampusShip account.

To learn more about UPS CampusShip, please see the resources below: