Visa Application Fees

To learn about the requirements for applying for an H-1B Temporary Worker visa, visit the Berkeley International Office H-1B Temporary Worker website. Academic departments must work closely with the International Office to ensure that the application is appropriate and that all requirements are met when applying for an H-1B visa for a faculty member.

As the webpage notes, use the forms and handouts listed and note the date of the most current version. Due to frequent changes in laws and procedures, it is essential that you use the most current information. Discard all prior versions of these H-1B forms to avoid using outdated information.

To pay for the cost of the H-1B application, complete a BearBuy Payment Request Form. Scan and attach a copy of the H1-B Petition Checklist (Word). (Note: this is a Berkeley International Office Form)

Relevant Policy/Procedures: All requests for an H-1B visa must be initiated through the academic department by contacting an Employment-Based Adviser at 510-643-4370 or at The decision to proceed depends on the interests of the University which are in general, mostly directed to academic, rather than non-academic positions. See our UCB department's web pages for more information on H-1B petitions at UC Berkeley .

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