Amendments & Change Orders

Amendment defined

An amendment is when a component of an agreement such as the statement of work (SOW) for goods and services agreed to by the supplier and UC have changed during the course of the Agreement.  This would include monetary value, time/dates extensions, a decrease or increase of deliverables or services as allowed in the original SOW. 

Initiating Amendments to Agreements

Use the guide and amendment form to document the changes to the agreement for your assigned Buyer to execute it with the supplier.  You can locate your assigned Buyer on this website: Contact Your Buyer.

The department must provide a justification for the changes Required PO documents

  1. Include any new service end dates.
  2. What services have been added to change the existing statement of work; key tasks, activities, impact to deliverables and completion time-frame, changes in individuals with coordination responsibilities, etc.
  3. Suppliers updated proposal that shows the amended pricing, compensation, expenses and payment terms.  Itemize as appropriate.  Are there additional payment fees: Time & material, fixed rate, or based on a milestone.  What was the original agreement amount?
  4. Supplier's most up-to-date insurance certificate if the original certificate is expired.

Change order defined

The purchase order (PO) is used as a payment mechanism to a supplier.  Managing changes to the PO requires a change order to modify the dollar amount, additional service added, date extensions or update the chartstrings.

  • PO’s should be for one fiscal year unless it was awarded a multi-year competitive bid conducted by SCM.
  • A new PO amendment may need to be created depending on the circumstances (i.e. the new goods and/or services fall outside the original SOW).

PO’s that list a Buyer's name or have a revised value more than $10,000.00

Enter a comment in the existing PO addressed to your department's assigned Buyer providing the information listed in "Amendments to Agreements" or "Change Orders to existing PO's" depending on the nature of the change.

The Buyer will review and determine if the request doesn’t violate any of procurement's policies.  A new PO may need to be created depending on the circumstances (i.e. the new services fall outside the original SOW).

PO’s that don’t have a Buyer’s name and/or less than $9,999.99

If the PO is low value and/or doesn’t contain a Buyer's name, you will need to contact your Regional Team Lead on this website: Contact Matrix.   Change Order Preparers cannot change the purchase price on orders when the change exceeds their Low Value Delegation Authority of ≤$9,999.99.

Change Orders Tips:

  1. Campus end users must initiate the change to the PO prior to the supplier performing the services. 
  2. The best practice is to use one line item when only one chartstring is being used on the PO to prevent invoicing errors.
  3. When the payment is tied to a deliverable/milestone, one line item should be used to track one deliverable resulting in multiple line items if there are multiple deliverables.
  4. Prior to making updates, Buyer should check the invoicing tab to ensure pending invoices are charged to the correct line and there are enough funds to cover the amount due.
  5. All changes should be dispatched to the supplier to ensure they are invoicing on the correct lines items and know the total dollar amount.

Contact your Buyer for assistance.