Biological Agents, Bio-Toxins, Carcinogens

Contact EH&S for a list of agents that require special approval

Contracted Suppliers: 
Some BearBuy catalog suppliers will have their products flagged as toxins and hazardous materials.

Use a BearBuy Hosted Supplier Catalog to procure these items whenever possible.

  • On the BearBuy homepage, you can search by agent name or select a specific supplier’s catalog.
  • Agents requiring special EH&S approval are automatically flagged in BearBuy Hosted Catalogs, and the Requisition will be routed through the appropriate approval and buyer ordering process for the requested item.

For items not available through catalogs or contracts:

  • Complete a BearBuy Non-Catalog Form.
  • Check the appropriate “Health and Safety” checkbox to indicate the type of agent included in the order.
  • Check the “EH&S Review” box is to route the order to EH&S for review.

Relevant Policy/Procedures: 

Many of these items are monitored by Homeland Security. Departments, EHS, and Procurement Services must work together to review and approve these purchases. EHS is required to track, monitor usage and purchases, and submit reports to Homeland Security and other regulatory agencies on a regular basis.

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