Event Planner Card Roles and Responsibilities

Separation of Duties - Transactions

Because UC Policy for procurement card programs (see BFB-BUS-43) requires that the person making a purchase be separate from the person who reviews the transaction documentation, there is always a distinction between two main roles in every card transaction:

  • REVIEW FUNCTION (Approver in BFS - cannot be in a subordinate relationship to the Cardholder)

Key Program Roles and Responsibilities

The following is a brief summary of roles and responsibilities associated with this card program. For more detailed information consult the Program Guide

Authorized Signer   This person's information should be listed on the Card Memorandum of Agreement which is on file at Card Program Services.  Accepted responsibility includes accountability for Department compliance with the card program requirements. Authorizes new cards, sets credit limits and approves changes to limits and card program policy.

Cardholder  The Cardholder is an individual who has been delegated written authority to use a card by the campus Procurement Operations Manager. Only the Cardholder has the authority to use his or her card.  A signed Cardholder Account Form for the cardholder should be on file at Card Program Services.  

Reconciler  The Reconciler is responsible for assembling documentation for a card purchase; makes sure all itemized details, evidence of receipt, and authorizations are present; reconciles Cardholder’s transactions in BFS. It is considered best practice for the Cardholder to also act as the Reconciler, however the Approver in BFS or a third person may perform this function.

Approver in BFS  Reviews purchases made by Cardholder and work of Reconciler, notifies them of any errors, and approves transactions in BFS to show these steps have been taken.