Delegation of Purchasing Authority

In order to purchase goods and services at the University of California, Berkeley, a faculty member or staff member must have the appropriate delegation of authority in the form of a letter.  The current delegations of authority are located on the Compliance website.

Unless you have delegated authority, you MAY NOT sign purchasing or other agreements!

Only campus contracting officers with specific delegated authority to negotiate and execute (sign) contracts on behalf of The Regents of the University California. Campus contracting officers are authorized to create, amend, or terminate  Berkeley contracts.  Each contracting office has a specific area of responsibility.  Personnel in these offices are knowledgeable of the university’s policies and the state and federal regulations that govern each agreement. 

It is important to note that, only contracting officers are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the university (i.e., The Regents), or to bind the university in any manner.  If an unauthorized individual enters into an agreement, such individual may face personal adverse consequences for signing the agreement.  Therefore, the first step in the contracting process is always to consult with the appropriate university contracting office.

Roles:  When purchasing goods and services, two key roles come into play: 

Buyers:  The Board of Regents of the University of California delegates purchasing authority to the campus Chief Financial Officer who has the ultimate authority to purchase goods and services for UC Berkeley. The Chief Financial Officer re-delegates to Buyers the authority to buy certain goods and services for the campus (high value purchase authorization as defined in BFB-BUS 43).

UC Berkeley Employees:  Some UC employees have authority to purchase low risk goods up to $9,999.99 including tax, freight, and handling charges (low value purchase authorization).  UC Berkeley employees receive purchasing authority (low value purchase authorization) by delegation from their department's Administration, who receives authority from the Chief Financial Officer.  With this authority, campus employees must comply with all applicable federal, state, and university policies and procedures. 

Contact your Buyer for assistance.