Independent Consultants

Independent Consultant Defined An individual or entity that provides organizational analysis and advice related to UC administration or management, and the UC does not control either the results of the service or the manner of performance.

Consult with your Buyer for any consulting projects over  $99,999.99 as the project may require competition by law.

Examples of Independent Consultant services:

  • Organizational assessment or design
  • Work process improvement
  • Strategy planning and implementation

How to hire an Independent Consultant:

  1. Once the Supplier has been set up in Bear Buy, use the "Service Order Form."
  2. The department should attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy:

Required documents from the Department:

    1. Proof of Price Reasonableness & Source Justification
    2. Classification Worksheet for Federal Tax Purposes
    3. Statement of Work

Required documents from the Supplier:

    1. Insurance
    2. Conflict of Interest
    3. Supplier’s proposal

3.  Other Considerations:

    1. Follow-On Concerns:  Consultants may not implement work they identify in the course of the advising the UC unless the implementation services are identified within the initial agreement as additional phases.  It is at the discretion of the UC to engage additional phases of work.  Implementation of recommendations not included in the initial scope are prohibited as Follow On Work.
    2. Services Performed on UC Property:  Determine the amount of services that will be performed by the Supplier on campus.
    3. Requires a signed agreement, including online acceptance of terms of use.
    4. Will the Supplier have access to UC protected information (including cloud services and software licensees) such as; health, personal, or credit card payment data.
    5. Use of UC name and marks by supplier
    6. Goods or services provided by any employee or near relatives of any University employee
    7. Or any other Special Considerations that might apply.

4.  The Buyer will use the above documentation to create an Independent Consultant Agreement using the UC Agreement template, which will be signed by the Buyer and the Independent Consultant.

For more information, see Finance Bulletin:  BFS-BUS-43 Purchases of Goods and Services; Supply Chain Management.

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