Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor Defined An individual or entity that performs a specific service for the UC based on a set price, pursuant to a scope of work and deliverables set by the UC.

Consult with your Buyer for any services over $99,999.99 as they may require competition by law.

Examples of Independent Contractor services:

  • Secretarial, drafting, technical editing, and technical appraisals
  • Medicine and medical arts, architectural and engineering services
  • Printing services, translation, and web design

How to hire an Independent Contractor:

  1. Use the following form in BearBUY: Services and Non-Tangible Items
  2. The department should attach the following required PO documents to the form as directed in BearBUY:
    1. Required documents from the DEPARTMENT:
      1. Proof of Price Reasonableness & Source Justification
      2. Classification Worksheet for Federal Tax Purposes
      3. Statement of Work
    2. Required documents from the SUPPLIER:
      1. Insurance
      2. Conflict of Interest
      3. Supplier's Rates/Quote Sheet
    3. Other Considerations:
      1. Services performed on UC Property: Determine the number of services that will be performed by the Supplier on campus.
      2. See Special Considerations for additional potental issues.
      3. The Buyer will use the above documentation to create a Services Agreement, which will be signed by the Buyer and the Independent Contractor.

For more information, see Finance Bulletin: BFB-BUS-43 Purchases of Goods and Services; Supply Chain Management

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