Step 1 - Purchasing Method

Determine How to Purchase the Software and/or Cloud Services (via Supplier Catalog or Services and Non-Tangible Items form in BearBUY)

Check to see if UC Berkeley has a software/cloud service that meets your needs: 

Do not use the BearBUY Payment Request form and Procurement Cards to purchase software, software licenses, cloud computing services, or equipment with embedded software.

Use the Services and Non-Tangible Goods form in BearBUY to purchase software and cloud computing if existing UC Berkeley software/cloud service does not meet your needs:

  • New Software as a Service (SaaS) licenses  
  • Software or SaaS when the supplier has access to UC non-public information, Institutional Information and/or IT Resources, and/or Protected Information, and/or the scope of work of the services has changed.

All Software solutions are governed by UC Information security policies as specified by Security@Berkeley. Please review the data privacy standards prior to making a decision to buy.

Requestors must self-identify data privacy classifications on this BearBUY form. High risk and/or high value transactions will route to Buyers for review.