Purchasing Merchandise Displaying University Logos

UC Berkeley Brand Protection Defined:

UC Berkeley Brand Protection has "global" management of the campus brand, with a delegation of authority, such as granting approval (i.e., license) for commercial use of the name and other trademarks in a variety of media (film, web, print, etc.).  These "non-product" licenses, and ensuring consistent use of the Berkeley (as well as UC) brands.  Brand Protection will also include appropriate trademark licensing provisions, as needed, in business, RFP’s, procurement Agreements & PO’s, and other campus agreements. UC Berkeley’s Brand Management will support UCOP in their brand management and (to the extent necessary) licensing needs when there is use of multi-campus brands.

Cal Licensing:

The Cal Licensing Department manages the retail brand and portfolio on licensees. The team renews and registers marks, approves designs, and reviews royalty waivers. Cal Licensing does not make, enforce, or have the authority to waive UC policies. Cal Licensing works with the University’s exclusive Licensing Agency, Learfield Licensing Partners. If you would like to suggest a company be licensed, the company will need to apply to Learfield here. If you are aware of an infringement or misuse of the UC marks at retail, please report the instance(s) to: cal_licensing@berkeley.edu, including as much detail as possible.

Licensee Requirement:

Use of the University's trademarks on product is permitted only via a valid licensee provided by the campus' exclusive licensing agent, Learfield Licensing.  All products displaying the University's trademarks, as defined in the Trademark Licensing Code of Conduct Policy, must be licensed.  No licensing waivers are permitted absent approval from UCOP’s, Chief Operating Officer, Rachael Nava.  The UC also provides guidance on socially and/or politically sensitive uses of the University's trademark, including on product (such as alcohol beverage co-branded promotions).

The University’s reputation and identity are reflected through the use of its name and identifying marks, including departmental and program/project names and/or logos (e.g., University Health Services, Berkeley Rec Sports, Cal Band, etc.) on merchandise.  The University exercises strict guidelines, maintains a vigilant watch over appropriate use of its valuable assets, and ensures compliance to relevant laws and policies. University intellectual property also includes images and likenesses of campus buildings, statues, and other associated property.

Purchasing University-logoed products:

Consult with your Buyer for any services over $100,000 as they may require competition by law.

Contracted Suppliers: Gorilla Marketing is an approved licensee of logo-bearing products with a punchout catalog in BearBuy. Gorilla Marketing can produce products for both royalty-bearing and internal use where a royalty waiver is granted. If a royalty waiver has been granted, please let Gorilla Marketing know so they can bid and price the request accordingly.  

Standard Royalty Waiver:

If a logoed BearBuy order is for departmental use only, and the branded product is not commercialized in any way,  a royalty waiver may be granted.  Commercial use includes advertisement, co-branding, resale, free with purchase, sponsorship, “free with admittance” to events or camps, “Free with subscription”, and any other instance where a third party is involved. Users seeking relief from the standard royalty must complete the online waiver form. The Licensing team will review the waivers daily with an estimated turnaround time of 8 hours. Once a waiver has been granted, the user may show that to bidders to receive the correct quote.

How to order merchandise displaying UC Logos:

  1. Determine if marks or logos are going to be used on the product and if the item is royalty-bearing or not before you begin the PO process.  All items are royalty-bearing unless a waiver had been granted by the Licensing Office.
    • Non-Royalty: To fill out a waiver, go to: online waiver form.  Please determine royalty before you initiate any competitive bidding as it may change the pricing.
    • Royalty: Please select a licensee from the Standard Licensee list.

  1. Use the following Form in BearBuy: “Non-Catalog”.
  2. Department should get multiple quotes from the pre-approved Learfield list of product licensees (not a vendor/supplier, a licensee):  Users can search the PDF by product or licensee. The list is maintained in real time.
  3. The department should attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy:

Required documents from the Department:

Required documents from the Supplier:

      5. Other Considerations:

    • See Special Considerations for additional potential issues.
    • If you wish to use a vendor who is not licensed, only UC Office of the President can grant the exemption, That process would be initiated by contacting Business Contracts Brand Protection.
  1. If an agreement is needed, the Buyer will use the above documentation to create a Service Agreement, which will be signed by the Buyer and Supplier.

Relevant Policies and Procedures:

The following policies outline the permissible uses and restrictions on the uses of the University of California name and seals, business cards and letterhead, and the Berkeley campus' name, seal, and trademarks. They also identify the appropriate officials from whom to seek authorization for use or exception.

University of California Use of Name Policy

UCOP Seal Policy

UCOP Letterhead and Business Card Policy

Berkeley Campus Use of Name Policy

Berkeley Campus Online Activities Policy

Trademark Use Guidelines: Trademark Guidelines and Requirements


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