Roles and Responsibilities - Creating an SBSP


  • Coordinates with the Supplier Diversity Program Manager, the Research Administrator, and the project team to determine how the project can best meet the small business utilization goals.  
  • Provides to the Supplier Diversity Manager:
  1. A copy of the proposal to the funding organization, including the Statement of Work
  2. An accurate summary budget including materials and supplies, equipment over $5,000, travel, and any services from outside suppliers, which the Supplier Diversity Program Manager needs to create the plan
  3. Small Business Subcontracting Plan Worksheet - includes descriptions and dollar amounts for materials and supplies, equipment over $5,000, travel, and services to be purchased from small businesses. In the event the funding organization wants the plan broken out into phases or option periods, a worksheet must be completed for each phase or option period of the project.


  1. Works with the Principal Investigator(s) to create a summary budget and small business documentation as described above, so that the Supplier Diversity Program Manager can then make the case for the specific types of goods and services that can be sourced from small business vendors. 
  2. Forwards the budget and small business information to the Supplier Diversity Program Manager at least two weeks in advance of the date the plan is due to the Sponsored Projects Office


Prepares and emails the following to the Sponsored Projects Office for submission to the Federal Agency or funding organization. The forms listed below can be found on the Small Business Subcontracting Forms webpage.

  1. The Small Business Subcontracting Plan Notice to the agency describing UC Berkeley's responsibilities to monitor and make progress toward the goals.
  2. Addendum A:  an Excel worksheet stating the Small Business Subcontracting Goals in percentages and dollars.
  3. Addendum B:  the list of potential small business vendors which the project team has identified for the purchase of materials and supplies, equipment over $5,000, and travel services.
  4. A letter to the Principal Investigator explaining the responsibilities of the PI to monitor use of small businesses and make progress toward the small business subcontracting goals.

STAFF USING BEARBUY TO PURCHASE: Requestors, Shoppers, & Requisition Creator

The Small Business Subcontracting Plan small business goals are a contractual obligation. Shoppers, Research Administrators and purchasing staff need to have access to the most recent plan

Purchase of good and services from the suppliers identified in the plan must occur during the course of the project. Therefore, Research Administrators and Requisition Creators should monitor spend with those small businesses and advise the project team if accomplishment toward the goals is not taking place, so purchases can be made with the small businesses included in the plan.