What department should you work with?

Low-Value Purchase Authorization 

The authority to purchase common goods and services up to $10,000.00 per transaction [low-value purchase authorization (LVPA)] that has been granted by the Material Managers to individuals in departments outside Purchasing. Link BFB-BUS 43(link is external).  LVPA will bypass the review of a Buyer.

These purchases are commonly made through BearBuy or through the Card Program Office.  Additional support for Low-Value Purchasing is provided by Berkeley Regional Services.

Common Goods and Services

Are defined as goods, materials, supplies, and services readily obtainable through conventional commercial marketing channels that do not require contractual signatures to purchase.  Common examples are: consumer electronics, consumable goods, photocopying and printing that are available to the general public and used by members of your department.

High Value Purchases - Orders ≥ $10,000.00

Any request over $9,999.99 will route to SCM for a Buyer with delegated authority to process the Agreement and/or PO.  UC Employees are able to create purchase requests (requisitions) for goods or services but orders that involving any of the following Special Considerations will need to be reviewed and approved by a Supply Chain Buyer with delegated authority.

  • Specialized Goods
  • Sponsored Funds
  • Insurance & Indemnification
  • Intellectual Property
  • Brand Protection
  • Services performed on campus or that displace UC employees
  • Data Security & Protected Information: PHI, PII, FERPA, PCI
  • Cloud / Website / On-line Services - Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Independent Contractors or Consultants & Professional or Personal Services
  • Export Controls

Requests that exceed $99,999.99 per year will need to be competitively bid.  See RFx - Competitive Bidding.


Most Berkeley agreements are handled by one of the following four offices:

  • Business Contracts Brand Protection (BCBP)
  • Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)
  • Industry Alliances Office (IAO)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

For more information on Berkeley’s contracting process including a decision tree for use in determining the appropriate office (in most cases) to process your agreement, visit the BCBP website.

When you have determined that SCM is the department you should work with, the Purchasing Goods and Services section provides guidance with the procurement process.